Identify Society Homeless 366 1/28/2024 Day 120, Sunday, Giving and Taking Help

1/28/2024 Day 120, Sunday, Giving and Taking Help

8:00 a.m. My girlfriend and I woke up. We loaf in the bed for a bit. My girlfriend’s been showing signs of RSV A flu-like virus that little kids get. She had contracted it from her son. I haven’t gotten it yet. I want to make sure that I get Nick the boots I bought for him today. I get myself ready to head out for the day.

9:30 a.m. I drove out to the super Walmart in Saugus off route 1. I bought a new tent for a hundred bucks and a tarp and some rope. I’m going to be starting this new job and I’ll have to set up camp close by.

11:00 a.m. I’ve been texting with Nick in Salem. I drove to meet him at a speedway gas station near downtown Salem. When I pull up to the gas station I see Nick with his dog Riggy. Nick, Riggy, and myself walk to the side of the speedway so Nick can try on the boots. It’s raining a little bit and there’s an overhang to keep us dry. The boots are 11 wide, Nick asked for 11 and 1/2 wide. Luckily the boots fit perfectly. Nick is very grateful for the new boots. Nick and I spend some time talking, we’ve been discussing different elements of life that are at play in each person’s individual satisfaction. I see disparity in other people’s experience and thinking. What I understand is experience and thinking are intertwined like the chords of a rope. Experience automatically happens, our minds react to it and from that reaction comes satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Nick does not like his current circumstances, but does not seem to know how to work towards changing the circumstances. Nick and I have a long talk about how he can go about changing his life. The reason I can teach this to others is that I am always in command of my own life and mind. I am not dissatisfied, and I can make the changes necessary to stay in a state of equilibrium. And even if things do fall apart I adapt quickly and learn how to accept and make the best out of the worst of situations.

1:30 p.m. I drove over to my friend Ed’s house. And I have turkey burger tacos, and we spend the afternoon working on my website. At one point my girlfriend stops by so that I can put a phone mount in her car so she’s not always holding her phone while she’s driving. He doesn’t stay long and then she’s off. While we’re working on the website Ed becomes obsessed with linking Instagram pictures to the website. There is no plug-in for Instagram, but there is one for a picture sharing website called Flickr. I downloaded Flickr and found that it’s pretty comprehensive. Ed ends up messing around with an Instagram plug-in that takes forever.

At about 4:30 p.m. I received a text from my girlfriend, she tells me that she’s feeling really sick and she wants me to spend the night with her, she definitely needs my help. Eventually Ed gives up on the Instagram idea. And we leave it as something we can revisit later. I let Ed know that I’m getting going, and I drive over to my girlfriend’s house.

5:00 p.m. I drive to my girlfriend’s house and I spend the rest of the night with her. She’s very sick with RSV. I have not felt well, but I haven’t shown any serious symptoms of RSV. She spends the night curled up in bed sweating profusely. She’s definitely not a happy camper throughout the night. I can understand why she did not want to be alone.

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