Identify Society Homeless 366 1/27/2024 Day 119, Saturday, Gifts

1/27/2024 Day 119, Saturday, Gifts

7:00 a.m. I woke up at my girlfriend’s house. She’s been sick with RSV, but I still don’t really feel sick besides being a little bit tired.

8:45 a.m. I drove out to LA fitness in Saugus. When I arrive my friend Neff is there. Neff grabbed the last court. I explain that I might be contagious with RSV, and Neff doesn’t seem to care. While Neff and I are talking our friends Mike and Dennis show up. I explain that RSV thing to them, and they prefer that I don’t play so they don’t get sick. I hang out at LA fitness when my friends play handball. I have a lunch date with my mom at 11:30.

10:45 a.m. I say goodbye to my friends on the handball court. I drove to the weather vane in Hamilton to get the famous Reuben sandwich. This is a rain check birthday gift for my mother. When I pull up to the restaurant I see my mother’s car. I walk up to my mother’s car and she rolls down her window. I explained to her that I might be contagious with RSV. We agree to keep our distance while we dine. Both my mother and I get Reuben sandwiches. It’s a really good meal and it’s always good to spend time with my mother.

12:30 p.m. I drive to DEI outdoor sports in Reading Mass. I might have been to the store once before, but I did not understand their return policy. This is ideal for when I buy gear for myself cuz I’ll just return it before the year is up. I look around the store, and I stop in the boot section and ask the clerk if they have the boot that my homeless friend wanted. The Clerk tells me that they do not have any more of those boots. I look through the sale items and I’m able to find a pair of boots under $100 that would fit him. I bought boots for my friend. I spend a little bit more time exploring the store and I get signed up for an REI membership.

2:00 p.m. I drove to my girlfriend’s house and picked her up for her surprise birthday present. My girlfriend loves crystals. I drove my girlfriend to the Harvard mineral museum. When we walk into the large room full of all kinds of different crystals and minerals and gemstones, she is in heaven. At this point I’m beginning to feel drained and I have a headache. I think I might have contracted the RSV.

5:00 p.m. I did not save the location where I parked the car. I get lost trying to find the vehicle. My girlfriend’s talking to me and she gets frustrated that I’m not listening and then I get frustrated, because I’m really trying to focus on figuring out where I parked the car. We head out in the direction of the first place I think I parked, I realize we’re going in the wrong direction. I look at the maps again and then I’m able to figure out where I’d park the car. I remembered a landmark close by. I’m feeling drained, I have a headache. Once we get back to the car I feel relieved, my girlfriend and I drive back to her place and rest for the rest of the evening.

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