Jay’s Song “High” about his Mom

Matt’s Song for those he Lost in the street called Taken Before Their Time”

Hi my name is Marshall.

Welcome! Identify Society is the Vlog spot for my projects.

Each project addresses a culture set in society.

Homeless 366, the first project, is a leap year long deep dive into Homelessness, Mental Illness, and addiction in the streets of Massachusetts.

With each project I Identify as the group I immerse myself in, which means I totally take up the role.

The essence of our individual and collective being has deep roots. We are all remarkably similar, with about 99.9% likeness to anyone else. We think others are different when they are not. Basically all people eat, sleep, move around, think, feel, talk, have sex, do or create things with their hands, use tools, and collect stuff.

Identify Society experiences different walks of life, and educates others on how people live in different circles. Circles they most likely will never get to be a part of or understand.

The Goal is to bring us closer together and increase compassion through understanding.

Each project will include interviews, recording, writing, documenting, pictures, etc… in Chronological order over multiple platforms. I will Write a Book and try to create a documentary for each project.

Welcome Identify Society, I hope you enjoy the ride.

While doing this work I am unemployed and have no income. Donations are welcome.

Identify Society is not a nonprofit and is not affiliated with Tiffany’s Recovery Inc. Donations to Identify Society are used solely for the development of Identify Society.

  • Homeless 366; Prologue

    Homeless 366, Overview: I do not plan on driving much. I will use my bicycle and public transit for most of my travels. I debated using the car or truck at all, but opted to use them, since many unhoused people have cars. There will also may be times where I have to sleep in my…

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  • 2-20-2024 Day 140, Tuesday, It’s a Struggle to Carry on, but Carry on I Will

    5:30 a.m. I slept a lot, and I woke up in my tent. It was freezing cold out. I’m slow to get up. I’m still sore. I did make a video, I was convinced that my relationship was over. 7:00 a.m. I arrived at work. My outreach partner is taking the day off. This is…

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  • 2-19-2024 day 139, Monday, Consumerism is addiction said nicely.

    5:30 a.m. I woke up at my friend’s apartment. I get all my stuff together and I drive out to Lawrence to work. It’s been a stressful weekend and I still feel the aftermath. I really want to get back on track and keep up with the work I need to do for this project.…

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  • 2/18/2024 Day 138, Sunday, Life is Struggle

    6:00 a.m. I woke up at my girlfriend’s apartment, I got my stuff together and I headed out. I have to visit my mother today and I’m going to visit my friend Ed as well. I have to drop my truck off at the mechanics in Essex to do a full brake job front and…

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