Identify Society Homeless 366 4/16/2024 Day 199, Tuesday, Critters in the Night

4/16/2024 Day 199, Tuesday, Critters in the Night

I woke up in the tent, it’s a bit of a cold morning. I woke up in the night to pee in my bottle, and I could hear amongst the peepers, the sound of the electricity running through the wires again. What an interesting sound. 

Today is the first day of Karen Read’s trial, they will begin jury selection. This is a great interest to me, it has been a topic of this project, since the outcome and ramifications of this government cover up and corruption will indelibly change our society forever.

The Outreach team arrived at the shelter at 9 AM. We organized the trailer a little bit and then Ezekiel went to advocate for a client in court. I hung out at the shelter  and did a rapid rehousing referral for Andrew.

Next I went to The faith-based homeless day shelter and did rapid rehousing referrals for three people through the homeless database system.

I left the faith-based homeless day shelter and came back to my office around 1 PM, I met back up with Ezekiel and at 3 PM. Ezekiel, My boss the shelter director, and myself went to the police station to meet with the chief of police to discuss the issue of homelessness. The police were very appreciative of all the work that we have done in the city.

After the Police meeting I wrapped up work for the day.

I scouted for the rest of the evening. Since the cop arrived at my camp, I’ve been feeling a little froggy. I found an area near my work with a lot of businesses and commercial property near the highways with woods all around. I combed that area for future campsites. I got back to my tent around 8:30. I found two ticks on me after I scouted. I went to Market Basket and got the sesame sticks that I like so much both salted and honey roasted. I checked myself again for ticks and then I went to bed.

I got woken up around 12:30 a.m. by the little mouse or possibly rat or other small critter that runs around under my tent in the night. The sound wakes me and then it frightens me. I yelled so that the critter would go away. Tonight when I did that the sound immediately stopped, then all of a sudden the critter jumped at the tent, as if like a blitz attack. This startled me, and I extended my baton. I can’t see outside the tent, so I don’t know what’s out there. I began to wonder if other bigger animals might charge my tent. There’s still that strange noise that I hear in the night, that I attributed to sounds from the electrical wires. At this point I’m starting to think it’s some other kind of large bird animal that’s making this noise. What if this animal decided to start snooping around my camp and attack my tent. I even sometimes think about ghosts and hell creatures taking advantage of my isolated position. It took me about another half hour to go back to sleep.

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