Identify Society Homeless 366 4/19/2024 Day 202, Friday, Stray Cat Life

4/19/2024 Day 202, Friday, Stray Cat Life

I woke up at my friend’s house around 7:00 a.m. I took my caffeine and vitamin c. I feel a lot better than I did the night before. I was afraid that I would be down for the count for a long time from this terrible cold / allergies maybe. I have a terrible sore throat. And I feel tired and a little bit woozy. I take a shower and get ready for my day. I haven’t showered in like 4 days. I wash my clothes while I’m at my friend’s place. Then I drive to work.

The Outreach team arrived at the shelter at 9:00 a.m. There were a lot of donations in the trailer that needed to be organized, so we worked with the shelter guests to organize all the donations. While I was hanging out on the deck I took a short video of on of the stray Cats that lives under the shelter while he was chillin after his breakfast.

After lunch the outreach team received a call from The director of the faith-based homeless day shelter. A homeless female I’ve been working to get into treatment was there and had lost her cell phone and her ID and was asking to go to treatment. The outreach team went over to the faith-based homeless day shelter and discussed treatment options with the homeless woman. She was on the fence about treatment and did not seem to be serious at the time. She said that she would get back to us on Monday if she wants to go into another treatment facility.

The outreach team left the faith-based homeless day shelter and we drove to Lowell House in tewksbury on the tewksbury hospital campus. There we met with their intake coordinator, and discussed the services of the Lowell house long-term addiction program and possible collaboration in the future and finding recovery based programming for people that we work with.

The Outreach team returned back to the shelter around 2:30 p.m. a homeless couple stopped by the shelter to do a coordinated entry into the rapid rehousing system. After a long successful week the outreach team is going to rest and relax for the weekend, and resume the amazing work the following week!I

left work around 5:00 p.m. I’ve been texting with my ex-girlfriend. And asked her if she wanted me to come by and smoke some weed with her. She said that she was going to drop her son off and will be home around 8:00 p.m. I came back to my tent and I rested until I received a text message from her that she was heading home from her son’s father’s house. I stopped at the grocery store and got some snacks and I met her at her house around 8:30. I ended up spending the night.

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