Identify Society Homeless 366 6/11/2024 day 255, Tuesday, Balance and Industry

6/11/2024 day 255, Tuesday, Balance and Industry

If we live for money, we are pigs to the feeding trough. We have lost our birthright of being in communion with nature. We serve a new master of our own creation: Industry.

This is at the heart of the behavioral health crisis in America. Is there a way social industry can balance with nature and promote health for each individual?….

I woke up in the tent early around 6:00 a.m. I was in the truck on my way to work around 6:45 a.m. On my way to work my muffler fell off the truck. It split right in the middle due to rust. I had to pick up the back part of the muffler and tie it off to the frame with rope I had in the bed of the truck. Since the muffler was now straight piped it was loud as hell!

As I continued my journey to work I spotted Louisa walking down the street. Perhaps the timing of my muffler falling off was cosmic divine intervention so I would see Louisa walking. She was in horrific shape. She was limping and leaning to one side and she looked terrible. I stopped and asked her if she wanted to go to treatment today, she said yes. So I let her get in my truck and I gave her a ride to the shelter. I am not supposed to give clients rides by myself, but I broke the rules because her health and safety comes first. I just dropped her off right before I entered the driveway leading to the shelter, so she could walk up.

I reached out to an intake coordinator for a local drug treatment center, luckily they had a bed and Louisa was admitted. I like this particular detox because they have their own transportation. Next step was we just had to wait for Louisa’s transportation to arrive. A couple of the workers from the Community Behavioral Health Center run by a large hospital conglomerate came to the shelter. I have a good relationship with these workers, and they handle a lot of the same mental health issues that I come in contact with on the street. We went to the Fruteria, a Spanish Market, to engage with the encampment right behind the grocery store. There is a walking trail with a small offshoot trail next to it, it is pretty shrouded in foliage. All the people from the West Street encampment moved here. I call this encampment The Secret Garden. We brought drinks for the people there, and the workers from Lahey CBHC informed them of services that they can provide them. I was also able to connect Missy, a homeless girl who lives in the Secret Garden, to a detox in Southern Mass where she secured herself a bed and she said she had a ride to get to detox.

Myself and the CBHC workers came back to the shelter at 10:00 a.m. so that 2 shelter workers could take the truck to pick up food at the food bank. I stayed with Louisa until her ride to treatment arrived, and she went on her way to detox. There was some argument about whether or not Luisa was able to take snacks on the van with her, at one point she said she wouldn’t go, which caused some pause. Then the kind van driver told Louisa she could take her snacks and all was right with the world.I fielded some messages and calls, one concerning Giovanni who is a client that is cited for a recovery room through the housing referrals I put in Vesta.

I texted with Kelsey and Herold, a homeless couple that are working on getting identification documents because they are high on the housing list as well. I spoke with the homeless officer who told me that they’re planning on breaking up the encampment behind the Fruteria due to complaints and the homeless people will have to move further down the trail.

At around 2:45 p.m. a woman named Amanda came to the shelter seeking a bed. I informed her that we have no more beds and I spoke with her about outreach services. Amanda presented as delusional and psychotic, although she seemed able to operate on her own accord. I directed her to local shelters that might have a bed, and she went on her way. Amanda had mentioned that she was staying with a friend as well. She also mentioned that she had a voucher for housing in New Hampshire. I did not understand why she was in Massachusetts seeking shelter when she could be in New Hampshire trying to find a studio apartment or one bedroom that could be paid with her housing voucher. I suspected Amanda could have been on Crystal meth as well. I can’t remember what she said, but could describe her behavior as erratic and nonsensical. Once it was clear I couldn’t give her what she wanted, she walked away from me, and headed towards the street. She did stop and began talking to herself on the way out, and seemed to even stop at the flower pot and talk to the flowers.

At 4:00 p.m. I wrapped up my day. And drove to my girlfriend’s apartment. I spent the night with her.

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