Identify Society Homeless 366 5/9/2024 Day 222, Thursday, Big Trouble at Work

5/9/2024 Day 222, Thursday, Big Trouble at Work

I don’t remember what I did on this day. I’m writing this weeks after the fact. I know I woke up in the tent and I went to work.

I don’t remember what I did at work. I can imagine I went around with my partner Ezekiel doing outreach. Engaging with various people in the streets. Stopping at different organizations to coordinate care. That’s what I do. I’m sure I talked with Ezekiel candidly, working on training him and teaching him the ropes. I’d been educating Ezekiel on outreach and healthcare. The reason I do not have this day documented is because it’s the day a dirt bag tried to get me fired from my job.

During the day I received a message from an old client from my last job thanking me for helping them. And I sent a screenshot to my manager, because I was happy to hear from somebody that I had helped a lot and wanted show my boss.

After work I took a ride to my mom’s house and grabbed some packages and hung out with Charlie.

When I arrived at my tent I received a message from my manager that said this:

I have some serious concerns around things I’m hearing. Are you giving the police social security numbers?

And this:

I’m also hearing you are building and networking with people to leave in a year and take all the information you are getting.

I was really upset to hear this, and didn’t understand and responded this:

I did that. It was a three-way text between the Homeless Police Officer and a Mental Health worker. It was for the client that has schizophrenia and needed mental Health services through Elliot. The mental health worker was trying to find him in the Vesta system so I put the SS# so she could find him. The Homeless Police officer already had a file on him with all his information. I did not know that was an issue.

That other part about building a network and taking information with me is a complete lie. And even if it was true, I can do that, there’s nothing wrong with networking at my job.

I tried to call my manager, and I knew she was going on vacation the next day. I didn’t know where this came from. I thought to myself that it had something to do with me complaining about being paid 23 bucks an hour when I signed for 25.

While I was thinking about this problem I got an email notification that I had a meeting with the CEO scheduled for tomorrow at noon. I felt that I was going to get fired and I was furious. I contacted my lawyer.

I also called the old assistant director that had been fired. He was my friend and he’s the one that brought me on. I knew there was a rat. My friend had gotten canned because of negative things he said about the CEO, that got back to the CEO because of a rat. I knew that I had not done anything wrong. And I needed to find out what was going on. I was enraged. The old assistant director told me to be patient and talk to my manager, the Director.

I was so confused and distraught I couldn’t sleep that night. I laid awake in my tent thinking about what the f*** went wrong.

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