Identify Society Homeless 366 5/5/2024 Day 218, Sunday, Over 8

5/5/2024 Day 218, Sunday, Over 8

I watch as the bugs gather on the net of my tent. The bugs seem to just exist caught in the living present not concerned with their destiny, their options, or life and death. 

So much thought and philosophy has been put into human life. I begin to wonder if that’s just a waste of time. Are we the confused animal? Do we overcomplicate life in an effort to make it something that has meaning? I think so. 

I’m starting to learn how to just live my life. Which means not thinking too much about where I will be tomorrow or how I will get all the things that I crave. I think it’s important to not be concerned with these things. 

When we learn a new concept or a skill eventually it just becomes second nature. How much thought do I have to put into dictating the word thought. The ease of living naturally is simple and available to all of us, but we waste our lives constantly worried about what happened yesterday or what will happen tomorrow, we worry about losing the things we have, or worry about what we have to do to get more, we worry about how others view us, we make hundreds of conclusions every day based on broken information that we get from the world around us, computed in a mind that makes biased and oftentimes inaccurate assessments, we’re always stuck in a state of confusion missing out on what it’s like to just be alive.

I had diarrhea in the morning from the food at the Gala. I believe I ate too much. I had to rush to my bathroom tree near my tent and evacuate the rich food from the previous night’s meal. I use flushable baby wipes for toilet paper. 

After getting ready in the morning, I stopped at Walmart to get a new tote for my clothes to put in my truck, a tote for my shoes outside my tent to keep them dry, a mat for the front of my tent, and also a little broom to sweep my tent. 

While I was in my truck I tried to fart and sharted. The bathroom at Walmart is right up front of the store, luckily it wasn’t too much of a catastrophe. I was able to clean myself up and get my shopping done and continue on with the day. 

I left Walmart and I drove to my mom’s house where I hung out with my Mom, the cat Weezy, and Charlie the Labrador. 

When I left my mom’s, I went to my friend’s house to take a shower and wash my shorts.

Then I left and drove to my campsite. I used one of the totes I bought at Walmart to put my sneakers in, so I could keep them outside the tent and keep them dry. I also spray them with antifungal spray before I put them in the tote. 

I used my little sweeper to sweep up my tent and clean it up. I took the items I no longer needed out of the tent and put them in the trash bag. Since it’s warmer I can cut back on gear.

After cleaning up I settled into my tent for the night.

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