Identify Society Homeless 366 5/4/2024 Day 217, Saturday, Getting Ready for the Nonprofit Gala

5/4/2024 Day 217, Saturday, Getting Ready for the Nonprofit Gala

I woke up at my new friend’s house, we hung out and she made coffee. After coffee I left to play handball in Lynn. 

My friend Blake came down and interviewed me at the handball court. Blake owns Bake Media and he interviews people all over the country about the addiction crisis. 

It was great playing handball with the fellas then I went and got a burrito at Tacos Lupita’s.

At around 12:30 p.m. I drove to savers and I bought some shorts. I was looking to see if they would have a good suit that I could wear to the gala for my work, but they had nothing of quality. 

I drove to Marshalls where I picked out a jacket, shirt, tie, shoes, and pants but the pants did not fit. I spent about $109 on everything but the pants, and then I went to Kohl’s and I bought the pants for 44 bucks. I drove over to where my friend lives, and I stopped by the restaurant where he’s worked since he was a child. I had him tie my tie for me since I don’t know how. Then I went to his apartment and I showered and got myself ready for the gala. 

I had a wonderful time at the gala. I got to meet a lot of new people I’ve never met before that are involved with the nonprofit I work for. It was a Kentucky Derby theme. They had little blow up horses and people got on the horses and had a horse race. The food was really good and I got to spend time with my co-workers. We all got to go for free. It was a good night out.

Musical Chairs

When the Gala was over I drove to my campsite, took off my suit, and settled into my tent for a good night’s sleep. 

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